Friday, 19 February 2010

Windows 7 Using More Memory?

After reading through this page, I could not help myself but to wonder why have I purchased Windows 7 for a start. I do understand that with Windows 7, it is best to have more memory as it is a 64 bit OS. I have even upgraded my memory to 8GB.

Unfortunately, it is not a bed of roses for me though after upgrading the memory to 8GB, previously being 4GB. Before upgrading my OS to Windows 7, I was using Windows Vista Premium and there was no problem in me playing any games. With the upgrade of my laptop to Windows 7, my laptop would shut down after 5 minutes of playing Crysis!!! What is going on over there? I just don't get it though.

At this moment, I could not play any games. The fan on the Dell Studio 15 would be spinning quite loudly even though I have remove the heatsink and the fan to clean the entire area as it was filled with dust. Having done that, I still get shutdowns whenever I play Crysis!!! Does this mean that I have a problem with the Dell Studio 1555? The BIOS on the laptop runs on A09 and I have no way of downgrading the BIOS as Dell's BIOS upgrade utility will not allow me to do it.

Windows 7 definately use more memory. That was why I have upgraded the memory capacity from 4GB to 8GB. However, it is quite unfortunate that the laptop will just shutdown after five minutes ot playing Crysis. I think there is something wrong with the OS or the BIOS itself.

This would prompt me to get a game console and not rely on the laptop to play games! Oh well...

Update: 21/02/2010 - Although I have solved the problem of my laptop shutting down every five minutes when playing Crysis, I think it is important that Dell were to release their updated BIOS for the Dell Studio 15 when possible.

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