Friday, 19 February 2010

Dell Studio 1555 BIOS

I'm really disappointed with Dell for the lack of support with their studio laptop 1555. I am saying this is because I was having some problems with my Dell 1555 and I was told that I should just flash my laptop's BIOS to the latest. At that time, the latest BIOS was A09. After doing that, I do regret flashing the BIOS because I am having an extra problem with my Dell Studio 1555 right now - the laptop will simply shutdown after playing a game for not more than 5 minutes!!!

I am not sure what Dell engineers are doing but they should make a move quickly. I have disassembled my laptop and cleaned the entire laptop including the fan and the heatsink. Yet, after cleaning it properly and re-assemble the laptop, I do find the laptop shutting down after 20 minutes!!! What is Dell doing over there? I'm sure that there is some problem with my laptop and I do believe that the BIOS is the problem!!! When is Dell going to release an updated BIOS then?

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