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Advantages of Using the Nokia N900

After using the Nokia N900 for a while, I have come towards a path where I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I have started to look at the N900 in a different perspective. Prior to using the N900, I have always been very comfortable in using my E72. Obviously, I'm so used to the QWERTY keyboard on the E72. When I started using the N900, I'm not used to the keyboard at all. It is really frustrating as the keyboard on the N900 is quite wide, similar to the E90 which was launched around three years ago.

Here you have a 3.5" touch screen which is very legible under strong sunlight. I am quite used to the Nokia 5800 XM where it is supposedly not legible under strong sunlight. I don't agree to it though. The only problem which I have on the Nokia 5800 XM would be the difficulty in people getting the touch right. As for the 3.5" screen, there is no problem. Moreover, you can always run applications without the need to slide up the phone. Wonderful!

However, I'm getting used to the keyboard and I see the reason why Nokia is promoting their flagship to consumers. Whilst many people may take time to get used to the device, it is just fair to give the device a try and see whether a reasonable consumer will be able to get used to the device. The device itself is heavy, no doubt about it. It is relatively heavier than my E72 but both the N900 and the E72 have different function!

I'm sure that you are aware that Nokia have split their mobile devices into five groups and at the moment, we have seen two prototype 'C class' mobile devices in the making. They are both using Symbian 3 OS which is still unheard off. It does not really matter which OS is Nokia using so long as it is stable and user friendly, just like the E72.

Coming back to the N900, the Maemo 5 OS is pretty stable (Obviously as it is based on Linux!). Nokia could have done a better job by making it more user friendly, just like other Symbian s60 devices. Perhaps Nokia could not improve on the OS further so they are coming up with Meego OS? It is just a speculation which we have yet to verify in the near future.

If anyone were to be using the N900, you will find that sending and receiving text messages or e-mails are at ease. The interface resembles the Mac OS X OS on the Iphone where it groups all incoming and outgoing text messages and e-mails to a mobile number or e-mail address. For example, you will find all your text messages sent and received to a particular mobile number under the same folder! This is just clever, isn't it? I would prefer this style to the semi animated style on the Iphone.

Besides that, I'm also into the user friendliness of the Maemo 5 OS to allow users to customise their desktop icons! That is so much better than the Sense UI on the HTC's Sense UI! However, I will be really happy if Nokia software developers will be able to enhance the OS's capability to include a live weather icon on the desktop, just like on the HTC's HD2. It will be fabulous!

Besides this, you could include many chat engines to run on the background without compromising on the devices' speed. One good example is that you could run skype, yahoo messenger, msn messenger, QQ chat, gadu-gadu and ICQ all at one once. The only thing which you need to do is to log on to your account and that is it! You would never be able to multitask with an Iphone, not even with the latest 3GS. Rumours has it that with the release of firmware version 4 on the Iphone will allow consumers to multitask. I am NOT convinced about what Apple is going to do next because it's a waste of time. Look at the present situation. The N900 is a nice piece of kit!

Although it does not have a capacitive screen, applications run smoothly without the need to use the in build stylus pen! I do believe that it is good enough! Using Bluetooth to sync. to your laptop or pc is pretty easy! However, at the moment, you would need to use the cable to sync. your text messages and your PIM to the laptop/pc. I do believe that it has nothing to do with the restrictions. It is just that Nokia has not been able to come up with a better user friendly Nokia Suite to support it.

The stereo speakers are loud enough, same goes to the stereo headset. I do like the headset though as it gives me an impression that I am using a BOSE headset but without breaking the bank account! I do also like the blue indicator light whenever I receive a text message or a missed call or e-mail. It will be shown on the front screen. Perfect!

I am satisfied that calling someone using VOIP technology is smooth sailing. I do often make VOIP calls over 3G network. I have no problem with it as both me and the other party over the other end could hear what the other person is saying. Kudos to Nokia! A good thing to remember is that when you want to make a call using VOIP (such as Skype) or through your sim card, you could do so on the keypad itself. You do not need to execute the command from Skype. That is what I call integration!

Another good point is that you will always be able to delete any files which you want by holding on to the file itself. An option tab will appear and it will allow you to either delete, copy or paste! What a good OS, isn't it?

Digital Camera
The build in 5MP Carl Zeiss autofocus lens with active lens cover does amazed me always. For one instance, I have forgotten that I am actually using a mobile phone to take pictures. Taking pictures is a breeze on the N900. You get no lag between the device saving the picture which you have taken and you being able to take a new picture on your N900. It's brilliant! All you get is quality pictures, same goes to its build in video recorder. Apart from that, you could always click on the application manager and download some free applications to enhance the digital camera!

Ovi Store
Nokia has done a great job with their Ovi Store. I have managed to download what I have been looking for - France 24. It's good to go! Moreover, I'm having fun with its browser. When you use your finger to hold on to a page, an option icon will appear. It is just like using your right click on your mouse! The browser itself is stable and the best of all, the in build Flash 9.4 does allow consumers to display flash objects but I have experienced some crashes but not all the time though. Nokia should provide more contents for N900 users through the Ovi store.

Kudos to Nokia.

Updated: 02/04/2010

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