Sunday, 14 March 2010

Nokia 6600i Nokia Software Updater

I have just been given a Nokia 6600i slide and my initial thought was to update its firmware. At the moment, it is running on firmware version 36.16 and apparently there's an update for the mobile device to 36.60. Happily I fire up Nokia Software Updater and guess what? I could not update the mobile device! It was rather strange as one could not update his or her's mobile device even though it is stated on Nokia's website that there's an update to it.

I do believe that there's a problem within the Nokia Software Updater or the Nokia Ovi Suite and I hope that the software engineers at Nokia will do something to correct it. I have posted three screen shots below to show you guys the problem. I would not be able to understand if both updating softwares failed to perform the update considering the fact that the Nokia 6600i slide was a mobile device launched by Nokia back in July 2009! The product has been launched for more than six months now so both Nokia PC Suite and Ovi Suite should have supported it by now!

Nokia Software Updater failed to detect the mobile device

At least the latest Nokia Ovi Suite managed to detect an update...

But the device is not supported by the Ovi Suite!

Please help!!!

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