Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Disadvantages of using the Nokia N900

Having said so much about the Nokia N900, here comes the bad news.

(1) Microsoft Exchange - Can't sync with Microsoft Exchange!!! It does not work irrespective of whether I have the correct information to set up my e-mail box on Microsoft Exchange.

I still can't set up my e-mail through MfE on the N900. Does anyone have any clues? I don't think I have keyed-in the wrong information. The error mentioned was "Error in Communicating with Microsoft Exchange server".

(2) Nokia PC Suite/ Ovi Suite - Can't sync with Nokia or Ovi Suite through bluetooth. Sync using the cable is only limited on the Nokia PC Suite. Don't even think of using the Ovi Suite as it will not read your N900!

(3) A-GPS is not working properly - A-GPS is much slower as compared to my E72 which runs on firmware 3.04. It takes more time for a satellite fix to be done; I have actually followed this website in trying to update the N900 but all I have received was an error in doing so. The trick did not work. It means that I could not update the map on the N900 to 2.0;

Update: 02/04/2010, 1850 hours: After trying several times in opening the map on the Nokia N900 before running the map update, it is now trying to download the maps and storing those maps onto the N900.

(4) Not as user friendly as it could be - Quite disappointed with Nokia as there are so much potential which the Maemo 5 OS could have done;

(5) Battery Life - Battery life is awe full! I only got 8 hours maximum on a single charge under normal usage conditions e.g. Skype always switched on on 3G, using skype for around 45 minutes in the mean time but I'm always chatting using the in-build IM, and surfing the internet for 30 minutes or so;

(6) Can't recharge the phone using ordinary charger (AC-8X). However, you can run PC Suite while charging the phone (just like on many new Nokia devices). The new AC-10X charger which came along is around 40% more efficient than the AC-8X charger;

(7) Pricey!!! It cost around £500 to own a brand new - Sim free device...

Last Update: 02/04/2010


EVA said...

Your Blog seems to have reinvented it's self as a Mobile, PC & Tech Blog. Not like a diary of how it used to be.

ぜるもう said...

Ha! You can't blame me as I am getting more interested in it! Anyway, I'm still talking pretty much about everything else though. You know...I have to strike a balance!

EVA said...


ぜるもう said...

That is true though. I want to give my best!