Friday, 19 March 2010

Government Cutbacks

I am pretty sad about the fact that the government might announce some cutbacks on funds pertaining to healthcare, police and education. For one moment, I just do not understand, if any, cutbacks are going to be real for these three sectors.

The NHS is something which the people in the United Kingdom is so proud off. I have to admit that the system is wonderful although it has its drawbacks too. The issue here is that we have a splendid healthcare system and if there are major cuts into the healthcare, there will be bound to have some changes which we need to take note of. My concern is with the hardworking staff across the country and their patients. Staffs need to be fed and the patients need to be treated. I do sincerely hope that the government will be wise when it comes to any cutbacks on the healthcare funding.

We need more police on the road. We need them to protect us. We rely on their skills to protect us. Without the police, it will be quite difficult to maintain peace across the country. The country needs them. I will be listening to what Gordan Brown has to say about money being spent to sustain funding to the police. From my recollection, local council tax increases every year and we could see a rise on the funds given to the police. I do hope that the government will not be too harsh on them.

Let's face it. UK's main export lies with its services e.g. Financial services and also education. However, with the near collapsed of several financial institutions in the country, some people are doubting their capabilities in this sector. If that is not bad enough, we might have a problem here. This is because some universities are getting less funding from the government although it was previously agreed upon. It happened due to the cutbacks from Westminister.

The UK needs more students to boost their legendary education services. At this moment, universities are offering more spaces to foreign students as they are paying at least double the amount of money which a UK or EU citizen had to pay. It comes as no surprise that most of the universities will be more than happy to accept more students.

I think the government should not scale back on its funding as it is but halting a university's expansion should be taken into serious consideration before doing so. I just don't understand why the government is trying to cutback on its funding on education when other countries are pumping more money into the education sector. This puzzled me most...

What do you think?

Update: 21/03/2010 - The cutbacks on Education is NOT as severe as people have mentioned. No doubt that funds have been cut but those cuts primarily concerned with the expansion of the institution but not to the core structure of the institution. Let's hope that it will get better soon.

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