Friday, 5 March 2010

Problems with the N900

I'm going to post a list of bugs which I hope Nokia will solve it in due time (The list will grow as time goes by).

(a) Once you have inserted a UK sim card, you will not be able to change the network between 2G, 3G and
auto. Once it is set to either 2G, 3G or auto, it will stick to it...

* Problem solved by installing an application through the application manager in enabling network band selection (06/03/2010)

(b) Microsoft Exchange is still not functioning!!!

(c) Nokia Ovi Suite 2.1 does not work with the N900! (What a shame!) Only Nokia PC Suite 7.1 works with the N900 (using the cable only. Bluetooth on the PC Suite 7.1 does not allow you to synchronise the unit).

However, while running Nokia PC Suite 7.1, you will NOT be able to send or receive text messages or edit any contacts or read what's on your calender through your laptop or pc! That is a big disappointment for Nokia as their Nokia PC Suite is one of the big selling point!

The N900 which I am using is actually running on Maemo 5 OS with version 3.2010.02-8. I've just been to the Nokia website and according to the latest firmware for the N900 is 2.2009.51-1.002. That's pretty strange though...

Update: 13/03/2010 - I have been able to synchronise my contacts when I'm using a cable. Using bluetooth will not be able to synchronise anything at all besides PC Suite churning out a warning report stating that the device is not in an idle state. I don't understand it as the device is always on standby mode!

The latest Nokia PC Suite does not fully support the Nokia N900, taking into consideration that Nokia manufactured the mobile device and they have also created the Maemo 5 OS! Shocking!

(d) Shortage of application support for the Maemo 5 OS. It will be much better if there are more third party applications e.g. Nimbuzz and Fring on the N900.

(e) Just imagine that you feel that the N900 is a little sluggish and you would like to do a hard reset as you would have done so on your Symbian OS based mobile device. Suddenly, you will feel that it is not straight forward! It is unlike Symbian OS devices, you can't just click on a button and do a hard rest. You will need to download three files and run those files accordingly. Check this out!!!

Update: 13/03/2010 - I could not reset the mobile device so I had to do a system wide reset. It took me some time to do it but it's alright. 

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