Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Apple Ipad

I'm sure that you have heard about the much acclaimed Apple's A4 CPU on the Ipad. Apple said that they have designed the CPU to meet the modern day requirement by consumers. It was reported that the A4 cpu is actually an ARM chip and over here, those guys have assured that the A4 CPU on the Ipad is actually an ARM Cortex A8 cpu - the same as the CPU on the Iphone 3GS but overclocked from 600mhz to 1Ghz!

Oh yes, the Dev Team have managed to unlock the Ipad!!!

More spicy news ahead!!!


07/04/2010: Apple has acknowledged the weak wi-fi problem on the Ipad. However, they have not acknowledged that the Ipad is potentially overheating. Come on Apple, is that the best that you can offer? Shipping 300 000 pieces of the Ipad is not good enough when taking into account the high price involved... Why do we need the Ipad? Stick to Nokia!!!

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