Thursday, 8 April 2010

Apple OS 4.0

Yes, it is announced that the Mac OS 4.0 for Ipad, Iphone and the Ipod range will be made available in the summer. What's the big deal with the OS 4.0? Multitasking!!!

My point is...Don't you think that Apple is a little bit too late on implementing multitasking when Nokia has been doing it for the last few years? What's new?

"nothing though"

I wish Apple will be able to solve their Iphone battery problem as the battery will die off quite fast as for normal usage. Consumers will not be able to just simply buy a new battery to replace the old battery because Apple has decided to squeeze more money out from consumers! Do you think it's worth it? The applications are fantastic but don't forget that the Andriod Market is coming up. Will it beat Apple? Only time will tell.

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