Monday, 5 April 2010

Bug on the Nokia N900

I have just found a bug on the Maemo 5 OS on the Nokia N900. When I tap on the dialpad to call, the dialpad will be vertical. After making the call and tap on the menu icon on the top left hand corner, it will move all my desktop icons and there is no way of rearranging the icons back to horizontal unless I switch off the phone and then restart the phone.
I wonder whether anyone has come across this problem.


07/04/2010: I have managed to reset Nokia N900 by using the Maemo 5 flasher (at the moment, it is version 3.5). You do need to have two files which goes along with it. Make sure you run the Maemo 5 firmware flasher on a laptop/pc running on Windows XP as it does not really support Windows 7. For more information, please click here.

After reflashing the N900, I do feel that the OS does not hang anymore. Great work!

17/04/2010: I do have a problem with the Nokia N900 this morning. I have found out that there is no option for someone to write a message and save the message to send it later. I wish that Nokia will do something about it though. However, I am pretty happy with the fact that the development between Intel and Nokia are going good. I just can't wait for MeeGo to be officially announced and be adopted by the Nokia N900!

20/04/2010: Just realised that when you are using notes on the N900, you could not cut, copy and paste!!! That is just so frustrating!!!

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