Monday, 5 April 2010

Internet Explorer 9

I am waiting patiently for the next release of Microsoft's Internet Explorer - the IE 9 so to speak. While I'm not sure the definite date for the release, I've managed to play around with the IE 9 Platform Preview.

To me, with the preview, web pages load up much quicker as compared to the IE 8 but I don't see any difference in the browser itself. I think I will be looking forward to seeing the memory usage of the IE 9. From my point of view, the Platform Preview edition show that IE 9 is pretty quick.

Fingers crossed. We'll see what Microsoft can offer when it is being released soon.


08/04/2010: IE's browser share in the market has fallen to 63%! That's a far cry from a high of 90% a few years ago. I think the drop in the market share was possible due to the development of Mozilla's Firefox and also Google Chrome. For once, I think those people using Firefox might want to turn to Google Chrome because Chrome executes much faster than Firefox and IE. Besides that, Chrome does not suffer crashes, unlike IE. You can also install add-in, just like Firefox. I think Chrome will potentially take over the number 2 spot from Firefox if things are going at this pace.

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