Monday, 31 May 2010

Black Holes

Ever since I was young, I was impressed by how our universe was formed. I was paying too much attention to the creation of the universe and how stars were born and died. It was not until recently that I was doing a research into the importance of dark matter where I stumbled upon a few research of Black Holes.

I have always been told that Black Holes are evil. They are bad in the way that they suck everything into it, not even light could run from it. The formation of a Black Hole is not hard to explain. A Black Hole could be formed during a gigantic star's death where gravity was so great that when it dies, a Black Hole was formed. There could be a Super Massive Black Hole (SMBH) anywhere. In fact, there is a Super Massive Black Hole in the centre of our galaxy - The Milky Way. I am scared.

The theory is that when one encouters a Black Hole, it could be a portal to another sector of the universe. If that is true, how come you have quesars which shoots out across the universe like a big jet stream? There is a theory that in the hard of a Black Hole, there is a singularity where time is infinite. Some people have mentioned that it will be good to send in a probe to see whether it is possible to go through a Black Hole and survive as it might be a wormhole attached to the Black Hole itself. I think it is just too science fiction though but I am open to suggestions.

Perhaps we will be able to use the technology of a Black Hole to do some time travel, just like Doctor Who (The Timelord) to get back in time or to go forward to the future to ensure that life will be much better for everyone. Well, it is not really a good idea because in doing so, the timeline will not be natural anymore. Stick to the timeline!!!

It is just scary to know that there is a Super Massive Black Hole in the centre of our galaxy. Well, maybe it is just the way how it is...

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