Friday, 7 May 2010

Nokia Booklet 3G - Prelude

Many thanks to Paul and his team especially Albertine for sending a Nokia Booklet 3G to me for a review. Although I can't keep it, it does not matter as I am truly grateful to them for giving me the opportunity to review such a fantastic product.

I do remember that when I went over to one of Nokia's flagship store in London, I was totally amazed by the size and the firepower of the netbook as compared to other similar netbook of its kind. I have no idea why Nokia called it a Booklet 3G instead of 'Nokia Netbook'. The name does not really matter but it is important to get the review on the way.

At this moment, I need to give the laptop a full 8 hours charge before doing anything on it. I would have to install all the necessary updates before doing some benchmark on it. The first thing I've noticed when I opened the box is the weight of the Booklet 3G. Gosh!!! It is light! It does not have much accessories as it only came with a charger. The booklet 3G looks classy though - a good comparison to the Apple MacBook Pros but at a fraction of the price!

There will be an update soon so watch this space... In the mean time, enjoy the pictures...

Nokia Booklet 3G Top View

Nokia Booklet 3G - Left sideNokia Booklet 3G - Right Side
Nokia Booklet 3G - Bottom view

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