Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Upgrading Memory + HDD on Nokia Booklet 3G

I was searching online for any information regarding the upgrading of the memory on the Booklet 3G. After looking through the Booklet 3G's manual, it seems to me that upgrading the memory on the Booklet 3G is not possible as it is soldered onto the motherboard. However, when it comes to upgrading the Hard drive, it is another matter though.

After looking through many websites, I have finally found the answer here. My problem is that the Toshiba 1.8" SATA is not fast enough and certainly it has only 120GB of HDD space, way backwards of the many new netbooks with 250GB HDD. However, you need to take note that most of the netbooks around are using the 2.5" HD and not the 1.8" HDD. Therefore, I do believe that the price for the 1.8" Toshiba 120GB HDD would have justified the premium price here.

It seems that although it is impossible to upgrade the memory unless you are a tier 3 technician, it is not impossible to upgrade the 1.8" Toshiba hard drive. What is important is that users will have to make sure that it fits into the slot of the hard disk space. Many users have begin experimenting by replacing the 1.8" Toshiba hard drive with SSD. The result? Massive speed boost!!! I think that it is really good as Nokia should have included a SSD instead of a SATA hard drive on the Bookklet 3G for a start.

I would never open the Booklet 3G as I do not want to mess things up. At the moment, I am just hoping that Nokia will increase the storage space on their next Booklet  and make sure that they will just bump up the memory to 2GB. It does not really matter if they soldered it onto the motherboard as 2GB will be sufficient to run most of the cpu intensive tasks. In order to help me to see much better as the words are just too small to read...I've increased the fonts to 125% and it is now so much easier to read!

At the moment, there's no 100% smooth operation from the Windows 7 Starter OS. I think it is due to the fact that it is in need of more memory to start off with the list!!! The CPU gauge shows that the cpu is working at 36% of its capacity and the memory is at 66% of its capacity with only one window and one tab opened (just to write this post). If you have managed to change over to an SSD for the Booklet 3G, you will find that the cpu usage will be much lower...

I have tried my level best to increase the speed through registry edit and msconfig. I have also shut down on non essential programmes (luckily there's no unecessary softwares on the Booklet 3G) like bluetooth and 3G to conserve more battery. Immediately after shutting down bluetooth and 3G, I have noticed that the battery indicator showed an increase of battery life by 20%! That is a good start, isn't it? Don't forget to update the BIOS from 1.5 to 2.0 though...

No doubt that Nokia has installed a relatively fast memory module, I would hope that in future, Nokia will double the memory capacity to 2GB. On top of it, an SSD will be welcoming taking into the premium price for the Booklet 3G. The good thing is that I am receiving lots of attention from people!!! I have decided to take the Booklet 3G for a spin and guess what? People have been looking on the Booklet 3G and asked me where did I get it from. Obviously I told them to get to a nearest Nokia store to get it or they could get it online for a cool £650.

Out of those many people who asked me, they liked the premium build quality of the Booklet 3G and the quietness of the Booklet 3G not mentioning the weight of the unit itself - very light!!! However, they were quite upset with the price though...The million dollar question - Is it worth it? Is the Booklet 3G worth buying? Despite the premium price and the restrictions, is it worth buying it?

It is a very difficult question to answer though. From my point of view, it depends on what you want. Take Apple as an example. You have to pay through the nose for the premium build quality. What about the Nokia Booklet 3G then? I am very please with the Booklet 3G though. A discount would be quite useful as I would get it if Nokia or anyone is so kind to give me a discount. Forget about the posh Sony Vaio P series though. For those of you who have yet to have a go at the Booklet 3G, let me tell you this - You've not seen the best of the best yet!!!

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