Saturday, 26 June 2010

Apple Iphone 4, sir? No, thank you. I'm a Nokia fan

During the first day of the Iphone 4 being launched in the UK (24th June 2010), I did see customers of the Iphone 4 lining in front of the O2 and Vodafone store hours before it was opened. It goes the same for High Street Mobile shop Carphonewarehouse too.

In two hours, all Iphone 4 were being snapped up by customers. After that, reports were coming in to say that there are many problems encountered by customers, one of which is the appearence of a yellow spot on the bottom left screen. If that is not bad enough, Iphone 4 customers are experiencing drop calls and signal failure.

It is a good job that I am not looking forward for a piece of the Iphone 4. Do you know why? I think the good old Nokia E72 is just nice for me. It is unfortunate that Nokia has not released a replacement for the E72 globally. The E73 Mode is just specially for the USA's T-Mobile customers.

The one million pound question is whether there will be a generic E73 for other markets...

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