Wednesday, 23 June 2010

iOS4 - Worthy Upgrade?

I have been quite excited over the fact that Apple has finally launched the iOS4 for their Iphone and Ipod Touch. After downloading and installing it, soon, I found out that the iOS4 is not a worthy upgrade from 3.1.3. Well, how did I come into that conclusion then? It is simple - user friendliness.

The Iphone 3Gs has been a buzz among netizens lately. Companies like O2 and Tesco have come up with a scheme to allow customers to hardware unlock the device for good without breaking the bank. I have done some homework and here are my findings...

Apple needs to sell off their old stock just in time for their Iphone 4 to be launched on 24th June 2010. The new Iphone 4 is so much cheaper than the previous generations. One good example will be the ability of customers to buy an unlocked Apple Iphone 4 directly from Apple for £499 (16GB version) and £599 (32GB version) without a contract. O2 has reduced their handset price for customers who are eager to get their hands on an Iphone 4 as compared to previous generations. The questions is - Why?

Often than not, Apple has been a torn in many people's eyes for releasing Iphones without an unlocked version. That, however, initiated people like GeoHotz and MusleNerd from the Dev Team to be creative and come up with unofficial unlocking softwares and to jailbreak Iphones. This has been a hit among Iphone customers. As far as I am concern, one of the most effective way of Apple getting rid of them would be to introduce unlocked Iphones. That is why Apple has agreed to sell unlocked Iphone 4 over here in the UK and also in Canada.

Iphone is quite a niche market. It caters for certain group of individuals only. Personally, I find that the strongest point of one getting the Iphone will be the ability to use the apps. The apps market is just perfect! I love it very much! However, not all are bed of roses.

The Iphone 4 with the installed iOS4 will not be able to convert someone who is a diehard Nokia fan like me. Steve Jobs has mentioned in his keynote about the advantages of the iOS4 during the WWDC lately. Like many other people, I have tried the official version of the iOS4. After meddling with it for a day, I have come to a single conclusion - the iOS4 is not a worthy update to the 3.1.3.

I would prefer the old firmware because I could not see  the benefit of using the iOS4 as a whole. No doubt that one could change the wallpaper and zoom in when using the camera,  multitasking is NOT something which the iOS4 can come up with a fight with Nokia...

On the whole, I don't like to use the Apple Iphone. Do you know why? The battery life on the 3Gs could barely last for one day if you are always surfing the internet and running on 3G service. Worst of all, if you are listening to the Ipod on the Iphone 3Gs, think again as you would never be able to come close to the official figures given by Apple in relation to the standby time and the talk time.

Another point which I want to make is that Apple will NEVER be able to compete with Nokia in relation to multitasking on their Iphone. Irrespective of whether the Iphone 4 has a 1Ghz cpu and 512MB of ROM, it could not multitask even with the iOS4!!! Do you know why? I have tried multitasking and it does not work!

For £499, you could get a brand new Nokia E72 (unlocked) and a Toshiba 16GB microSD card and you will still have £200 balance in your bank account! With a longer lasting battery on the E72 and a device which will not burn your ears and very happily to connect via bluetooth over several devices at one time, forget about the Iphone...You can tether easily without the need to pay if you use Nokia devices. Besides, multitasking is superb on the Nokia E72!

A bonus for all Nokia customers!!! Now that Nokia maps is free, why do you need to pay for a Sat Nav app on your Iphone? Jump ship to Nokia!!!

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