Sunday, 13 June 2010

Chinese and Tamil in Schools - Compulsory!

I was laughing after looking at this page. Do you know why? I am just quite sad with our present education system. Let's start with UPSR, shall we? With UPSR, a student will have to take so many subjects in order to get into a good secondary school later. With PMR and SPM, I would not need to explain myself further as students going through both public examinations will have to sit for more subjects than UPSR.

It is so happen that one of the complusory subjects would be English. For one instance, I just don't understand why are there so many students graduated from secondary schools or even local universities who could not obtain a proper job locally. Do you know why? Well, there is a logical reason for it - The command of English.

I have been doing some research into the reason why students are incapable to obtaining good jobs in well known establishments. The major problem is their level of understanding of English. Wow! It is hardly surprising though. Let's face the fact - There are many people who does not have a good command of the language. Is the education minister going to do something about it? Do you think we need to impose complusory Tamil and Chinese in schools and not as an elective subject when students are still in need to improve their level of English? Are we not pushing our children too much?

I think what the education minister should consider ways in which he could improve student's English first. There is an old saying of 'If ain't broke, don't fix it'. I think that is so true though. We do have an existing problem over here which is to improve the level of English among students. I do believe that it will continue to haunt us for many years to come if we do not speed up the process of improving student's command of English.

Is the education minister going to solve the existing problem or should he just leave the existing problem and then start another problem? I think the education minister should not impose a compulsory in studying Chinese and Tamil among students in Malaysia. That is just plainly wrong!!!

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