Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Google Nexus One Has Arrived!

I have finally caught up with the Google Nexus One which I have ordered not too long ago. Instantly, I was amazed by the size of the 3.7" capacitive screen and the sheer powerful 1Ghz cpu onboard. As I already have a 16GB memory card with me, I've just pop in my SIM card and started downloading Android 2.2 Froyo. I'm overjoyed. Do you know why? I can't wait to start meddling with the phone after a proper 8 hours charge.

After charging the phone for more than 6 hours, I've decided to ditch the charger as it has been mentioned in the box that it is sufficient to charge the phone until the small LED light on the top right hand corner shows green in colour.

Updating the 2.2 Froyo was a breeze. I just do not know why some people are having any problems with upgrading the OS. Perhaps they need to restore their phones if they are stuck while updating to 2.2..

One thing which I quite like about the Google Nexus One is that it comes with many language support which includes Chinese and English. In that case, I do not need to flash the phone to Chinese before I have chinese support. It looks as if Android is following the Apple Mac OS's footsteps by accomodating lots of languages. It is good!

However, the phone does not come pre-installed with Chinese input. After searching through the Google Pinyin IME'. After installing Google Translate, I then have to install google Pinyin IME. After that, I would have to go to settings -Keyboards and language to enable Google Pinyin IME. In doing that, I have the ability to have chinese input. It goes the same to other languages. You need to look for the type of language which you are looking for and install it before using it. It is just that simple.

I don't have much criticism of the phone itself although I have heard from many users that the keyboard and the four capacitive touch buttons on the bottom are not responsive. Having said that, I have to admit that the keyboard is fine but it could have been better. I think the reason why it is easy to type wrongly is due to the smaller keypad surface, unlike in the Apple Iphone series where the touch is smoother and less problems with the touch.

Another problem with the phone is that it does not come with a PC Suite! I was thinking that a £450+ phone should have come with a PC Suite, just like Samsung and Nokia! Well, I was quite disappointed as I could not sync Outlook Calender and Outlook Contacts without affecting the present Microsoft Outlook account which I could happily do it on most Nokia devices. It was a let down though.

At this moment, if I want to sync contacts from my pc to the Nexus One, I would have to manually select all the contacts and send it via bluetooth to the SD card. From there I would be able to import those contacts. As for tasks on the calender, I would have to export it from the pc to the SD card before importing it from the SD card. It is such a hassle! If only Google were to be more user friendly like Nokia. I don't think it could be done though...

I got to learn to use the Android OS as I have not had the opportunity to test it thoroughly as of today. More review will appear once I have the opportunity to examine the simplicity of the phone and the OS in more detail.

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