Friday, 23 July 2010

HTC Google Nexus One (1)

While I do understand that HTC has released its Google Nexus One back in Janury 2010, it was not available in the UK until much later. Anyway, I am  pretty excited to see how it fare against other smart phones in the market.

For a start, it is a HTC mobile device. With HTC, it is well known that the battery will not be long lasting despite the fact that the Google Nexus One is equipped with a 1400mAh battery. There are other extended battery made available in the market to extend the life of the Google Nexus One without the need to recharge so often.

I was quite surprised to see a 3200mAh battery is made available on ebay to Nexus One customers. I am truly happy with it as I will be the judge of it when it arrives at my door step. I am just quite happy to review the Nexus One and hopefully, I will be able to give a good review of it.

However, before the review, it will be good to refresh our memory in regard to the specification of the Google Nexus One which you obtain from here.

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