Monday, 5 July 2010

Nokia e73 Mode

I am quite interested in getting my hands on the latest E series device from Nokia. Yes, I am talking about the E73 Mode. Currently, it is only being sold in the USA through T-Mobile. There is no way of unlocking it at the moment but one ebay seller claims that he could unlock it for US$ 40 extra.

After checking out the differences between the E72 and the E73, you would think that there will be major differences between the two. Well, they both share the same cpu and OS including the camera. They do not have much differences on the hardware side but the E73 is now using a different charger. No longer will it use the normal AC-8 charger as it has been updated to the AU-10X. The one thing which will attract me to the E73 is the apparent SAR rating on the E73.

Besides that, the outward appearance of the E73 is smoother than the E72. The screen on the E73 has been increased to 2.4" instead of the 2.34" on the E72.

The SAR rating on the E72 is 1.31 (EU head) while the E73 is rated at 0.86w/kg (EU)!!! I think Nokia has done it again! Bravo! However, if you are using a E72 just like me, I don't think it will be wise to upgrade just yet. Stay tuned!

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