Saturday, 3 July 2010

More Apple Iphone 4 Problems

I have read a press statement from Apple regarding the existence of the new Iphone 4's reception issue. They blamed it on consumers of holding the phone in a wrong way. By right, the problem lies deep within the fact that the design of the iphone 4's antennas were defective! How hard would it be for Apple to just admit that they had made a mistake and they will take steps to rectify the problem?

What is the problem with Apple? It is good to boast that they have managed to sell 1.7 million units of the iphone 4 in three days. However, have they managed to count how many unhappy customers over the loss of reception arising from the iphone 4? I don't believe that a software patch will be sufficient to solve the poor reception issue. The mere fact that Apple is trying to cooperate with AT&T into customer's signal bars will have no effect in solving the reception issue.

I thank my lucky star that I was not one of those fools who waited and had their iphone 4s in their hands at this moment. This is because Apple has failed to recognise that they have made a mistake. It is such a rip off after paying so much money towards a mobile device which does not serve its purpose - being able to send and receive calls clearly without the loss of reception! In fact, I'm pretty happy with my flair with Nokia and I will continue to stay put with Nokia.

Long live Nokia! If you want to have a look at Apple's press statement, click here to have a look.

Update: 06 July 2010 - It seems that the proximity sensor on the Iphone 4 is playing up... Apple should try to release an updated firmware to fix the problem soon though...

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