Monday, 2 August 2010

Google Nexus One - Android 2.2 and Speed

I have not really played with an Android mobile device before so it is a brand new experience for me. When I first received the phone, the system automatically asked me to download Android 2.2 as it came pre-installed with 2.1.

The downloading and installation took a mere 10 minutes. After installing 2.2, I then started to download some applications through the Android Market. Suffice to say that I am pretty happy with what I am getting so far. The Android Market is filled with many useful applications and the best of is that many of them are free! I do feel that there are not many restrictions imposed on developers at the moment, unlike Apple.

I like the new Froyo interface as there is a shortcut for making a call on the desktop which is very helpful. Great stuff!

From my experience with the Google Nexus One, I am pretty impressed with the speed of the menu. It is blazing fast, thanks to the 1Ghz Snapdragon cpu. It comes with 512MB RAM and 512MB ROM. Best of all, it has a MicroSD slot! I did have a 16GB microSD card and I could store more stuff on it.

I did try to watch some video clips on youtube, some of them with HD and I have always seen smoothness of those clips at 720p all the time. So far I have no problem at all. I have not experience jerkiness while playing HD video clips through youtube. I am pretty impressed with its performance. Certainly both Google and HTC have done their homework in this area.

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