Sunday, 8 August 2010

Google Nexue One - Battery Life

I have mentioned about Google Nexus One's keyboard, speed and its capabilities including its beautiful 3.7" AMOLED screen. However, what about its battery life then?

We know that the Android 2.2 Froyo supports multitasking. If you do want to kill all the running apps, you would have to manually kill it or you could kill all with the help of an app called KillApp. I have also read up about the in build 1400mAh battery from HTC which, to some people, is rather insufficient to last for a day. I was advised to charge the battery for eight hours for the first time and then discharge it fully before recharging it again. I would be able to achieve the optimum usage state after a few recharge. Hoever, to my horror, the battery die not live up to it's name.

Just imagine that you have finished recharging the battery and put it on standby for 8 hours. After that, you would then start using it to surf the Internet for a while before making a quick 10 minutes call. Out of a sudden, you realised that the batter level has gone down to 90 percent. A quick Skype call for 10 minutes lost another 5 percent of the juice. Picture this as it is now lunch time and you need to check some information on the Internet. After surfing the net for 30 minutes, the batter level has gone down to 40 percent. By the time you have finished work (on standby from 2pm-5pm), the battery is now dead. My question to you is how would someone be able to get the Google Nexus One to last for one day running on the standard HTC batter?

I have tried many ways to improve the battery live like disabling 3G, disabling Bluetooth and if I want to surf the Internet, I will be using wi-Fi instead. I have also installed a KillApp software but it does not work! I don't want to root the mobile device as I want the warranty of the phone to remain intact. I just can't manage it to last at least between 8am-5pm.

After searching through the Internet, I have found many other unhappy Google Nexus One users where most of them complaint about the battery life. I was being advised to get an OEM 3200mAH battery from either Seidio or Mugan which will do the job. However, with the 3200mAH battery, I will have to make do with a new back door which I don't want. I don't really like it though. Moreover, it seems that the original 1400mAH battery from HTC is the most efficient of all.

Well, I guess Google Nexus One customers will have to ensure that the device is always on charge whenever it is possible. Shame...

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