Sunday, 8 August 2010

Google Nexus One - In a Nutshell

Despite the fact that it has a crippled battery, everything else on the Google Nexus One shines! Just look at the beautiful 3.7' AMOLED screen. It is beautiful and shows no lags at all, thanks to the 1ghz Snapdragon CPU. It is also fitted with 512MB Ram and equivalent amount of ROM! OS is powered by Google's Android platform and currently the device is running on the 2.2 version which supports full flash and tethering without the need to pay. It acts like a wifi hub for all wireless enabled devices! You do not need to pay for it, unlike the Apple IPhone.

Another strong point coming from Android is that it is open source so it is gaining ground. It is predicted that Apple will soon be dethroned. Well, certainly Android phones are selling much faster than Apple's IPhone. The problem with Apple is that they only have one device but Android is supported by many devices!

In conclusion, if you don't bother about the battery, stick to the Google Nexus One. Oh yes, I forgot to say that the keyboard on the Google Nexus One needs looking into. Perhaps that would be something which Google will do so in the near future when they release an updated OS.

Well done Google!

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