Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Nokia N86 8MP - First Impression

I have just received my Nokia N86 8MP, thanks to Katie and Lydia from Nokia WOMworld. My first impression of the mobile device is that it is identical to the N85 and a successor to the legendary N95 8GB which I have used it a few years before. Both devices were great!

At first glance, I have noticed how slim Nokia has managed to cramp so many features in it. Many people might argue that modern mobile phones like the Iphone 3Gs and the Samsung Galaxy S is slimmer than the N86 8MP and both have larger screens than the N86 8MP. Well, the N86 8MP is in a different league all together. Both the Iphone 3Gs/ 4 and the Samsung Galaxy S are touch screens but not for the Nokia N86 8MP!

Having said that, not many people are fond of touch screen mobile phones. There are still people who are more well versed with a physical keyboard, just like a normal mobile phone. Granted - Nokia brings you the N86 8MP! The N86 8MP shared a similar platform but it has a few differences under the hood which I will be looking into more detail later.

At this moment, the white N86 8MP stands out in the crowd. I'm impressed wit the dual LED flash 8MP wide angle Carl Zeiss lend. I have taken a few shots and boy I was pretty happy with it. Judging from the pictures and videos taken using the N86 8MP, I would say that it performed above my expectations! The ARM II 414mhz did not disappoint too, unlike the Nokia 5800 XM which I was using a few months ago. However, it might be a different issue all together taking into account that Nokia has released the latest v51 firmware for the 5800XM last week which improves kinetic scrolling and smoothness of the touch screen.

The N86 8MP which I have received came with the v30 firmware, dated 29/03/2010 and it is a Type 484. A quick check with NaviFirm shows that the device has the latest firmware as of date. The device is pretty impressive though. No wonder Steve Litchfield recommends the N86 8MP for any picture and video takings.

Stay tuned!

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