Monday, 16 August 2010

Nokia N86 8MP - Hardware

I was pretty impressed with what's under the bonnet of the N86 8MP. It is powered by an ARM II 434mhz which is also powering the Nokia 5800 XM. Having played with the 5800 XM, I had the impression that the menu might be slow and buggy. On the other hand, I should think that the menu speed should be much faster due to the fact that it has received a few firmware updates and so there should be no bugs in the firmware.


The N86 8MP comes with a 2.6" AMOLED screen which has the same screen size as the N95. I have to say that I was godsmacked with the crystal clear screen, thinking that it was just recently that Samsung started releasing Super AMOLED screens mobile devices, a good example will be the Samsung Galaxy S. I have used the N86 8MP and boy I am really happy with it. So far no complain.

It comes with a 8MP wide angel Carl Zeiss lens with dual LED flash and autofocus really sealed the deal with customers. A good thing to take note is that there is a protective cover to protect the digital camera lens too! Impressive!!! Picture quality taken using the onboard digital camera is super-duper. I can't see any delays in taking pictures and no noise coming from the mechanism. Overall super quality pictures!

In addition to the 8MP digital camera, it can shoot videos at 30fps. Even though it is not HD videos, the pictures quality and the sound quality are just superb. The N86 8MP is a good alternative to the Iphone 3Gs and the Iphone 4 taking into account that the mobile device is more than a year old since it was launched! Jut imagine what Nokia will be able to achieve if they continue with the technology!!! Oh well, I think the answer to the N86 8MP is the N8. It comes with 12MP digital camera and a solid chasis.

The N86 8MP comes with an internal 8GB of memory. It has a 128MB RAM and there is an option for consumers to add more memory for up to 16GB (microSD). I think it is just perfect because it will allow users to store lots of high quality pictures and videos especially when you are talking about pictures taken from an 8MP digital camera. I am overjoyed!

Apart from the obvious hardwares, it also comes with a quadband GSM radio and a dualband UTMS radio. It has an in-build accelerometer which I found quite inaccurate. I will talk about it later. It also has a normal mobile phone keypad with some small buttons and a D pad.

The wireless b/g is quite fast and bluetooth is certainly excellent. I have no problems in using these two devices. In fact, I am pretty impressed with the N86 8MP's performance that I will have the N86 8MP as my next mobile device! Just watch the space!

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