Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Human Behaviour

I have come across many people throughout my service in the private sector. One thing I have learned is that there are always a reason for a person's behaviour in their own special way. I am not criticising them but I would like to share something with you all.

Not too long ago, I have come across a customer who does not trust anyone but himself. He was quite straight to the point and he does not trust anyone. He will refuse to do any business with anyone unless they have a signed contract. Having said that, he would go to the extend of having the contract endorsed by a solicitor. Now, do you think what he is doing is just a little bit too much?

From my conversation with him, he does not have much spare cash to run his business. I don't think that is relevant to his behaviour though. I think it is good to have a signed contract but he is not flexible. I have asked him before the reason why he was behaving like that and he simply gave me an answer: "I'm fed up with those people who tried to cheat me".

I don't blame that guy for behaving like that. After all, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. He is not flexible because he does not trust anyone but himself. The question is how am I going to get his trust then? Simple - Just do as he says. After all, he is the customer, am I right? Well, not entirely so. We can't just bend rules just because of one or two customers. This is just wrong. As we are living in a society, we have rules to follow and we can't just start bending those rules to suite one or two people. What would other people think about it when they come to their knowledge of what had happend then? Do you think that it is fair?

Companies have their own rules and having a signed contract is not a problem because it is the usual method of doing a business. However, I think it is an overkill when a customer wants an endorsement from a solicitor! I don't mind having the endorsement done but the customer will have to pay for the solicitor's fees. If the customer refused to do so, I think we would try to negotiate and if it is not working, we might have to do a 50-50 split on solicitor's fees.

Being "fair" have nothing to do with a person's behaviour. Once a person's mind is set on a particular way, there would be difficulties in getting them to think rationally. I could give you an example. I came across a person who had family problems and he could not concentrate in whatever he was doing. In the end, he was failing in his work and he needed help. He did not ask for help because he was a little bit too proud of himself and he thinks that he does not need any help until his superiors demand for him to seek counselling or risk losing his job.

People might feel insecure about themselves or being afraid to talk to someone because they are scared that their secrets will be known to someone else and they will risk being able to get a better job next time. I think it is quite foolish to think like that.

We humans are just humans so we need help when we need it. It is perfectly alright to seek help. Employers should be more open minded when dealing with people who previously had some problems in the past which affected their level of service to the public or to the company which they were working in.  Think objectively and I am sure that it should be fine.

Last but not least, we need to shower people with love, not hate or selfishness. We need to be more open minded and trust other people. Be flexible and try to dish out those bad habits. We need to be more positive as we need to filter out bad behaviour. Trust in ourselves and Trust in the Lord.

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