Thursday, 19 August 2010

Nokia 6700 Slide - Novelty but Cheap!

I have looked at the Nokia 6700 Slide for a few days and I have just decided to give it a try. I bought the device from ebay and it took one day for the device to arrive. I am just quite impressed with how small the box is. Apparently, Nokia has done away with the traditional battery charger. The Nokia 6700 Slide charger is slim and the output is 800mAh! Nokia managed to shed the size of the battery by allowing the Earth pin to slide in and out to save space! In that case, Nokia could save the size of the box! Genius!

Radio Chip/CPU
After charging the mobile phone for eight hours, I have then started meddling with it. Immediately I found a few good points about the mobile phones. First of all, it supports quadband GSM and triband UTMS. The screen is superb as it supports up to 16M colours. With 2.2" in diameter, it is not too bad for a £120 sim free device. I am quite suprised that the ARM II 600mhz cpu found in the Nokia 6700 Slide which is the same cpu found in the E72!

One thing which I have to say is that the menu speed of the Nokia 6700s is not as fast as I have expected it to be. It has a two seconds delay. Apart from that, I don't think there is any problems with the device though.

Battery Life
The battery life for the 6700s is reasonable. I could sqeeze around two days out of the 860mAh battery which could you never be able to do it if you are using the Iphone. I do feel that Nokia is still superior when it comes to conservating battery life and that is why Nokia is still the preferred device for me.

5MP Carl Zeiss Dual LED Camera
I have tried using the camera functions on the 6700s and compare it to the N86 8MP. Well, I don't think that there are much to compare besides the fact that pictures taken using the N86 8MP is larger in size so you could have a larger print and clearer as compared to the 6700s. The 5MP Carl Zeiss autofocus dual LED flash lens could only produced pictures with a file size of around 2MB on the average where else you are looking at an average of 3MB per picture on the N86 8MP. It is too bad that the 6700s could only manage 15fps when taking VGA videos. The good thing is that it has a secondary camera lens which you could use it to make or receive video calls.

The 6700s runs on the same s60v3.2 which you could find it on the E72. Basically it is nothing new to report but the 6700s does not have AGPS! That is a shame though. Anyway, I still like the phone itself but I hope that Nokia will release a fix for the slow response of the menu soon especially when you are talking about using the slightly larger than usual D pad. Mind you, the D pad on the 6700s is perfect but the firmware is slow to response! Besides that, there is bluetooth and the usual nearly perfect Nokia PC Suite... Marvellous!

In conclusion...
I have to say that I like the Nokia 6700s very much but it suits a female more than a male, to be honest. Couple with good RF, it is definately a girl's choice!

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