Monday, 16 August 2010

Nokia N86 8MP - Evaluation

After using the phone for a while, I have to say that I was quite impressed with the in-build 8MP digital camera. The pictures are spectacular while the movies are marvellous! The menu speed is respectable with just occasional crashes which is just normal. I don't see any crashes like the iphone 4 or the Iphone 3Gs though.

Apart from the functions of the mobile device, I also like the keypad. It reminds me of the olden days. It is just a normal mobile device which is cool. There is also a dedicated camera shutter button with face recognition and a protective cover for the camera lens. Wonderful!

When it comes to battery usage, I have to say that the 1200mAh battery is pretty good. As far as I know, I have placed the phone on 3G with skype on standby all the time and a single charge last for 1.5 days with around 180 minutes of talk time on skype.

As with Nokia, the Symbian s60 v3 rel. 2 comes with native multitasking. It is something Nokia is good at, unlike Apple. Even synchonisation through PC Suite is superb! I can send/receive sms through PC Suite. This is something where Apple has failed to do it for the moment. Stick with Nokia! The in-build 8GB memory storage is superb!!! The best of all, you can still add memory by buying a microSD card up to 16GB!

Another good thing about the N86 8MP is that it shares the same platform as the N95 in the sense that you could slide the phone to the right to allow customers to view their pictures/videos/mp3s at ease. Best of all, it comes with a kickstand for easy viewing!

I have also tried the onboard wi-fi and it detects connections easily without any problems. There was no problems in getting any signals from the wi-fi router and I have no problems in drop signals.

On the other hand, I do have some reservations with the Nokia N86 8MP though. I don't like the tiny buttons on the N86 8MP and the D pad could have been better. I would like an optical navi key, just like on the E72 will be good. Another thing is that the size of the mobile device is on the large side. Perhaps it is what Nokia is looking for - a mobile device for big palm sized people. At the moment, a brand new N86 8MP will cost someone a cool £250. I think it is worth it though.

In a nutshell, the Nokia N86 8MP is definately my choice over here. It is highly spec. and deserved to be crown the King of photography until the N8 arrives. Mean while, enjoys some pictures taken using the N86 8MP. Please note that they are unedited versions.

Update: 18/08/2010 - Out of a sudden the phone just crashed! I would have to remove the battery before I could start up again. That is just funny though. On the other hand, I have managed to squeeze four days out of the N86 8MP on standby! Perfect! I do log onto Youtube and I could watch 480p video clips without any problems. Speaking about the sound quality - the stereo speakers are good! I do recommend it!

I am just wondering whether the latest news about a man in India was killed while using his Nokia mobile phone would have any impact on the sales of Nokia mobile phones in India. Well, I don't think so though. It is not as bad as people's Ipods exploded into thin air. I think the battery terminals have water presence or maybe he had a defective battery, not an original battery but an OEM battery. Until and unless we find out what caused the battery to burse into flames, we could only guess...

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