Friday, 17 September 2010


Honestly, I have always admire the Taiwanese company for their hardwork and their creation when it comes to new designs of mobile devices. I had the opportunity to review two devices by HTC up to date, namely the HTC HD2 and also the older HTC Hero. I have utmost confidence in their mobile devices as they have worked very hard in introducing their Sense UI on most of the Android OS mobile devices.

I do like most of the HTC phones but I only have one reservation about buying a HTC mobile device - battery life. I just could not get more than 12 hours' worth of juice when I was using the HTC HD2 fitted with a standard battery. I think HTC knew that they need to come up with a better power solution so they have released an extended battery for the HD2. With the extended battery fitted, the HD2, somehow, has lost its former glory but hey, you do get extra day's standby power in return!

HTC, you need to release a better power solution to all your mobile devices!

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