Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Virgin Media Broadband

Most of you might have known that there is only one company in UK which will be able to offer cable broadband to you. Yupe, that is right - Only Virgin Media can do so. In fact, they are quite successful as fibre optics would always be better than using ADSL or ADSL 2+ technology in surfing the internet. I don't have any problems with them until recently.

I have tried calling customer service but they kept on telling me that there is no known connection problem in my area. I am just wondering whether my wireless router or the modem have anything to do with the slow internet speed.

I was told to switch off the wireless router + modem and wait for 10 minutes before switching them on again. I don't see the solution in doing that because I have switched off the modem and the wireless router for 8 hours before switching them on again but yet the problem exist! Tell me what is going on over here?

Do I see a need to change of ISP?

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