Tuesday, 14 September 2010

New Devices from Nokia

I am so happy to receive a parcel from Nokia on behalf of WomWorld regarding today's Nokia World 2010 event. It is a blast! Nokia is beginning to come into their senses that they need to take the advantage of ther capabilities to produce better specification mobile phones.

During the very first day at the Nokia World 2010, Nokia has demonstrated their upcoming devices - The Nokia E7, Nokia C06-01 and the Nokia C7. At the moment, I am still having a look at the possibility of buying one in the coming months.

The Nokia E7 is more like an updated Nokia E90 but slicker with aluminium all around. I think I will be tempted to get my hands on the Nokia C7 when it is released! The specifications on both the C6-01 and the C7 are pretty impressive! I am wondering how much it is going to cost this time...

Kudos to Nokia!

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