Thursday, 30 September 2010

More Job Cuts

I am just thinking about those employees working in both Orange and T-Mobile in the country. It is mentioned that there will be job losses so as to ensure that there will be no duplication of job roles and also to increase efficiency.

What I am so baffled about is that they are already short of staff at the moment so it is quite strange for them to say that they are trying to prevent duplicate roles between the two companies. This is just an excuse to say that they are trying to cut cost. With the merge of Orange and T-mobile, it might just pull more customers from other networks when they start sharing their networks in the future.

From a consumer's stand point, Orange provides good coverage for 2G signals while T-Mobile is much better at 3G coverage. With both companies sharing their network will eventually benefit consumers as the mobile device will look for the strongest signal so as to reduce drop calls.

Besides that, it is also important for both companies to reduce their monthly tariffs! Let's be clear that their price plan is not the best of all and it is quite expensive to begin with. I would really hope that with the merger, they will reduce the price plan so as to increase their customer base.

I would stress on the point of customer service offered by T-Mobile. I had a bad experience with them before so I hope that they better improve on their customer service.

Good luck to them!


EVA said...

UK's economy has come to a stangnant point. Faced with a bitter economic crisis, The UK has to start thinking out of the box!

ぜるもう said...

I am sure that there are something which they can do to protect those jobs. The bosses could reassign the rest to other jobs, right?

EVA said...

It's all about cutting cost now in Europe and UK...Very Sad...

ぜるもう said...

What to do? The government is saying that cutting the country's deficit would remain their top priority. This is so far a bad time to make drastic cuts when top leaders are rich. Can they understand how people are suffering? Probably not!