Friday, 22 October 2010

Malay Rights

I am just not convinced about some UMNO members trying to incite "Malay Rights" in the country. As I have mentioned before, the issue of "Malay Rights" have been ironed out when the country was trying to gain independent and also after the 916 incident. I think the main issue has been sorted. Why would some quarters trying to incite "Malay Rights" when it is clear to us that there are existing "Malay Rights" and no one is going to question it?

Look, we are living in a society where we need to learn how to tolerate and be kind to one and another. Why would someone wants to bring up the issue when the country is in the brink of a collapse in both the economy and also socially? I think it is a farse that some people are trying to use "dirty tactics" to drive support.

Think about the word "Malaysia". We will stick by it and no one is going to take away the speciality of Malaysians. We need to sort out our differences and reduce the country's deficit. We need to bring back the country's economy back to the black! When are we going to that then?


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