Sunday, 31 October 2010

New Macbook Air

I have step foot into an Apple Store and I have play with the new Macbook Air (both 11.6" and 13.3"). Suffice to say that both of them were really light and quiet, it does not justify to buy any of them.

There are many reasons not to buy them but it is best to start off with why you need to get one of them instead of those netbooks in the market. If you have one of those new Macbook Airs, you are unique. This is due to the fact that not many people are using them for the moment. Secondly, both of them are relatively light as compared to some ULV notebooks in the market. It is quiet in the sense that you would hardly hear the fan noise. Both new Macbook Airs have the same characteristic as an IBM compatible netbook so the question is whether you need one if you already have a laptop and a netbook?

Let's come over to the part where I would show you why you DO NOT need a new Macbook Air. First of all, it is expensive and over the top. Look at the new dual core Atom powered Asus 1215N for instance. It is only priced at £400 and I don't really see many people using it at the moment. You are an unique user if you have one of those Asus 1215N. Bear in mind that the Asus 1215N comes with a 12.1" screen display and would easily beat the 11.6" new MacBook Air.

Apart from the price and screen differences, you are actually doing yourself a favour by NOT buying one of those new MacBook Airs. Why would you settle for a grand when you can get a second hand Macbook Air for much lesser? If you do buy the new MacBook Airs, you are actually buying the brand and would it do you any good? Not really. Look at the specifications of the new Macbook Airs and you will see that it is best for your to get a top notch Intel powered ULV laptop for less and you would still have a dvd-RW write to go along with it. With the MacBook Airs, you get nothing!

Last but not least, it is NOT advisable for you to get the new Macbook Airs because you can't really upgrade the onboard memory by yourself, let alone upgrading the internal hard drive! With netbooks like the HP DV2 and DV3 series, you do get more bang for your money than the MacBook Air.

Question is: Why settle for the most expensive netbook?

Update: The answer would be - With the 11.6" Macbook Air, you do not need to remove your Macbook Air when it goes through the airport scans in the USA. What a joke!!!

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