Saturday, 18 December 2010

Big Freeze has landed!

Yes, the snow has landed! It has been snowing for the past two days and I thought that I would not be able to experience some snow fall. In fact, the snow fall was so bad last night and so it has started to disrupt some major oil refinaries! That is just bad. Oh well, I'm not worried at all as I'm only running on a 1.0l car so my mileage is around 55mpg so I'm not worried.

Actually there's no worry as there will be sufficient petrol. If we do panic, do you know who is going to suffer most? Yes, you've got it - WE ARE! Think about it. If we do start panic buying, the petrol will run out and big oil companies will have the excuse to charge at a higher price for each litre of petrol/diesel. Do you want to pay more for a litre of fuel? I guess not so just take it easy, alright?


EVA said...

Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Hahahahahahahhaa! Lucky B You!

ぜるもう said...

Let it snow? No!!! Too much snow is not good. It will be difficult to drive!