Friday, 17 December 2010

Dual core Mobile Phone

According leading sources like Endgaget, Boy Genuis Report and also, LG will be releasing their first dual core mobile phone, dubbed "Optimus 2X" very soon (manufacturers always like to say that) which is based on the Tegra 2 platform. It is powered by a dual core ARM A9 cpu. I have to say that until now, we are still living in a world where we are still stuck with a single core cpu. You name it and we have it (e.g. 1Ghz Hummingbird, Apple A4, ARM A8 1.3 Ghz and etc). The question is whether there is sufficient matarials to work with such a high powered chip?

Soon, we will have plenty of dual core cpu mobile phones being released. Nokia released a statement where they are going to release many dual core mobile phones next year. I will be very excited to see what CES 2011 will bring us. Let's face the fact, Nokia is struggling to maintain its lead. I am really sad to say that there's no Iphone 4 competitive mobile phones coming from Nokia. Nevertheless, I will never let go of the faith as I do want to make a purchase from Nokia!

I have meddle with the Nokia N8 but I'm not convinced that it will be able to do me any good as I've already had the Iphone 4. Perhaps it is justified that you will have the maginificient 12MP camera on the Nokia N8 but what else? It has a HDMI port and a memory slot! That is fabulous! What about the hardware then? It's a... Slightly below the performance of the Apple Iphone 4.

Perhaps Nokia should start building their apps market and release some good mobile phones to the public. Many of us are still Nokia diehards so please release some good mobile phones. Please don't ever release anymore high end mobile phones which comes with a fixed focus lens. That's so yesterday!!!

My only worry about any new mobile phones will be the battery life. Look at the current position. Nokia is stil releasing new mobile phones which still uses old technology batteries (e.g. on the Nokia N8). Why not Nokia release mobile phones which uses the mighty 1500mAh battery which could be found on the E90, E71, E72 and the E73 Mode instead? The N8 is a powerful gadget but it is fitted with a lower capacity battery. I'm not impressed though.

Nevertheless, I have a strong point to voice out...I'm still better off having a Nokia as I will have free GPS!!!

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