Friday, 10 December 2010

Intempo Entertainment Pad

I walk past Rober Dyas and they are selling Intempo Entertainment Pad for £179.99. It is a 7" tablet, just like the Samsung Tablet S but it comes with a 400mhz VIA 8505 cpu with 256MB RAM. It has an onboard 2GB memory with an external microSD slot. You do get a 2GB microSD card which comes with it though. The maximum memory which the tablet can recognise would be 16GB as mentioned on the Intempo website. It is equipped with wireless b/g and it comes with a 2900mAh rechargeable battery.

Now, it is all good so far. The problem with the tablet is that it runs on the Andriod 1.5! Yes, I am not joking! It runs on the ancient 1.5! I am not sure whether there will be an upgrade of the tablet to 2.2. There will be no pinch and zoom and certainly no tethering for you if you get one. The good thing is that it is cheap and cheerful. If you are thinking of buying one for yourself, you could get it for £130 if you head over to TJ Hughes website. That would be a saving of £50 but it is written on the website that they only have limited quantity of those machines. You can choose either in black or white.

Sounds good?  Perhaps you might want to try it out before buying one.

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