Sunday, 20 February 2011

Nokia X3-02

I had the pleasure of going through one of Nokia's finest - The Nokia X3-02 for a brief moment. Immediately I fell in love with the sheer size of the mobile - It is light and packed with features! One thing for sure though - It is a polished s40 device from Nokia. It supports quadband GSM and 3G with 5MP fixed focus digital camera. Not too bad for such a small device. The other good thing about it is that it supports touch screen functions! I will be dealing with the touch screen later.

From the very first moment that I had the X3-02, I was hoping that Nokia would have gone one step further by including A-GPS on it and make it a capacitive screen instead of a resistive screen. It supports 256k colours and the screen size is just tiny! However, I am happy to use it as a backup phone while I am using the N8 as my main mobile device for the day.

The Good
What is so good about the X3-02 then? One thing for sure is that it is cheap! I've got it for around £79.99 including £10 top up on pay as you go from Phones4u. As you know that Phones4u do not lock their phones apart from the Iphone range, it is unlocked throughout! I do like the battery life on the tiny X3-02. A single charge last me for around 4 days on standby with Skype Lite running at the background. I think it is brilliant! Apart from these, it has a dedicated shortcut key. Brilliant!

Apart from that, you could also install an external memory card up to 16GB. I don't think people need more than 16GB on a Nokia unless you are thinking of inserting mp3s on it. It has the usual Nokia hallmark - Bluetooth, radio, touchscreen, 3G support and threaded sms. It works with both Nokia PC Suite and Nokia Ovi Suite.

The Ugly
It does not have A-GPS!!! What a shame! I think it is unwise to have A-GPS since the screen is so tiny! The resistive screen is not brilliant as I find it difficult to scroll through my contacts as it will some how select on a number which I have not selected. Nokia engineers should work on a firmware update on this though. Besides that, the keyboard needs some time to get used to. The s40 firmware on the X3-02 runs much smoother than the Symbian ^3 with PR1.1 on my N8! I could not believe this! Why can't Nokia release a firmware update for Symbian ^3 devices which is as smooth as the s60v3 and the s40v6?


Joshua Lopez said...

What Nokia needs is a brand new team of Engineers. Over the last two years they've had many shameful short comings.

ぜるもう said...

The problem with them is that there is no creativity in their design department. Even if there is, it does not justify the mobile phone to be sold in the market! A good thing to take note is that it is cheap to buy though.