Saturday, 12 March 2011

Apple Ipad

With the second generation of Apple's Ipad is about to be launched in the rest of the world on 25 March 2011, Apple has agreed to lower the Ipad prices for their existing Ipads to gain more sales. For the record, you will get a big discount if you were to get an Ipad today until 24 March 2011.

As of today, you could get a 16GB Apple Ipad with 3G and Wi-Fi for £99 on a 24 months contract with 3UK. It is required of you to pay £20 a month and with that you will have 15GB per month to use. I think that is a good bargain taking into account that it was priced at £149 for the same Ipad and £25 a month for the same amount of data.

Why not grab yourself a bargain?

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