Saturday, 12 March 2011

Sneaky 3UK

I was quite sad with the fact that 3UK has shutdown their 2G service with Orange UK. I don't think that it is acceptable when their Existing 2G is virtually non existing and consumers will not have anything to fall back on the so called "backup" on The Orange network.

Moreover, I have found out a sneaky tactic by 3UK recently. Have you ever wonder why your mobile phone showed full 3G service but yet you could not surf the Internet with your mobile phone or even on your laptop via a dongle? I can tell you one of the many possibilities - They are not showing a true signal coverage on your device!

I don't say these these things lightly without substantial research and also first hand experience. I have tried using 3UK's sim card on my mobile and it showed full 3G service but there is no way in which I could surf the Internet with it. In doing so, I had to use wi-fi to surf the Internet. The question is whether it is worth while to take up a contract with 3UK when they offer a substandard service?

Consumes have chosen 3UK because they do offer the cheapest plan for their mobile service I.e. £20 for 15GB of data per month for 24 months contract but it is questionable when it comes to the quality of the signal provided by 3UK.

I think 3UK needs to upgrade their signal quality irrespective of whether they have received many awards. One thing for sure is that their signal quality is erratic and misleading. That leave us with one courses of action - complain to Ofcom!!!

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