Sunday, 13 March 2011

Apple Ipad vs Ipad 2

I am now an official fan of Apple. I don't like the way how they restrict their iOS functions but not to worry as the Chronic Dev Team and the Dev Team are there to ensure that the iOS is totally jailbroken. Anyway, I am here to post about the performance of the Apple Ipad as compared to the Ipad 2.

The Ipad 2 is well documented and it seems that it is quite hard to dis-assemble the unit provided you have a heat gun. Price wise, it is fairly more expensive than the original Ipad. No doubt that the Ipad 2 runs on the dual core A5 which is based on the dual core A9 cpu and it comes with a MP GPU, surely it will perform much better than the original Ipad.

I would think that given the amount of money which one needs to pay, I do think that it is best to buy the Ipad at this moment as the price is just right! As for those geeks over there, time to head off to a comparison of the performance between an Ipad and the Ipad 2 which you could find it here.

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