Sunday, 3 April 2011

3UK - Bad Data Signal

I think I have mentioned on many occasion that people should avoid 3UK. However, I took up the challenge of getting a data connection from 3UK for 12 months as the sales agent promised me that they have improved on their network coverage. I am not convinced but to really demonstrate what he has said is true, I would get a data only connection for 12 months - £20 a month and I'm getting 15GB worth of data to use per month.

I was quite surprised to see that it was showing four bars 3G on the mobile phone in my house! This is a vast contrast to many other telco (e.g. O2 and Vodafone) only had stable 2G connection in my house. I then started surfing the internet and the webpage suddenly got stuck and it would not move even though it was showing 3 full bars on 3G! I just don't understand as the signal is strong but the webpage would not load!

What can you gather from this then?

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