Sunday, 27 March 2011

Nintendo 3DS

If you are thinking of getting a Nintendo 3DS, I do believe that it is time for you to do so. I am saying this is because the 3DS is "matured" to be used as a portable game console. I do understand that there are some other portable game consoles out there e.g. PSP and other DS range but what is so special about the 3DS then?

Frankly, I have never had a portable game console until yesterday. I have to admit that I am not one of those people who likes to play games. I am more of a nerdy person anyway. However, I was drawn into this console way before it was being launched. Some of my friends asked me why have I chosen the 3DS? What about the coming NGP?

It is easy to answer that question - portability. It is light and the graphics have been upgraded significantly as compared to the previous DS range. Moreover, I am delighted that the wi-fi signal is strong and it will allow customers to upgrade the external memory storage to 8GB. Best of all is the ability of the user to play games in 3D without the need for a pair of special glasses!!! I'm impressed!

I have also made use of the inner camera and two front cameras to create a Mii avatar. I have to say that the quality is not brilliant under bright sunlight but it is good under low light condition.

I had the pleasure of charging the battery for 3 hours as recommended before playing the SF4 in 3D. I have to commend that I did enjoy the game although I'm not used to playing the SF4 on the 3DS. I did try playing the game on the internet against other users in the world and I have not experienced any lag at all.

There was a complain about the battery life on the 3DS. In my honest opinion, I don't think there will be much of a problem so long as you don't keep it on hibernation mode. Once you have finished playing your 3DS, switch it off completely! In that sense, it will save battery! As for me, I have used the 3DS to play SF4 for more than 5 hours (3D+wi-fi) and I still have 50% of battery left!

The only complain is that at this very moment, the in-build browser is yet to be operational. It is such a shame! I hope that Nintendo will be releasing an update firmware to enable the use of the browser soon!

Oh yes, try to stick to the cosmos black version and not the aqua version as I do believe that the aqua version is horrible!

Have fun!

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