Monday, 30 May 2011

Asus UX21- Macbook Air killer?

If you are an avid engaget follower, you would have noticed that Asus has launched their ultra thin laptop which is a worthy Macbook Air contender.
I am really looking forward to their upcoming UX21 laptop. It has one usb 2.0 and one usb 3.0 couple with a HDMI port and an aluminium casing. The touchpad is made of glass and it does not have an optical drive but it has a 13.3 screen with chicklet style keyboard. The best thing to come would be the fact that it runs on the Core i7 Sandy Bridge cpu!!! I wonder how long would a single charge of the battery last and the price...

According to the report, the UX21 will be available around September 2011... I guess that the exhibition in Taipei right now is pretty interesting!!!


06/06/2011 - It was revealed that the Asus UX21 will not cost more than US$1000... That is great news!

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