Monday, 30 May 2011

Samsung Galaxy S II

I am convinced that by the time you read this article, the internet flooded with reviews about.the newest member of the S series - The Samsung Galaxy S II. However, I am here to give an account of my experience with this mobile device.

From my findings, the S II concept was released back in February 2011 and it was stated to break the monopoly of the Iphone. Fast forward three months later, the S II had over 3 million pre-order worldwide. Well, can it beat the Iphone 4 in that category?

The Iphone 4 is quite different from the Samsung Galaxy S II. First of all, the technology of the Iphone 4 is rather outdated. It comes with a single core A4 cpu and it has 512MB RAM and you could choose either 16/32 GB version which comes in either black or white. I don't see.why people are so hyper about the launch of the white colour of the Iphone 4 when the upcoming Iphone 5 is around the corner!

I think the down fall of the Iphone will be the unavailability of an external storage for the iphone and the restricted ecosystem. We would have to watch out for the launch of the Iphone 5 soon.

On the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy S II is a serious contender for the Iphone range. It has a bigger screen at 4.3 inch which uses Super AMOLED Plus technology and comes with an onboard 16GB memory for storage! It has 1GB of RAM and it is less than 0.9cm thick!!! The best part is that it comes with a 1650mAh battery!

The device supports quadband GSM and UTMS and it comes with a front facing 2.0MP camera. The camera at the back is a 8MP autofocus lens with flash! Apart from that, it has all the usual specifications of a 2011 mobile device. I have to say that the Samsung Galaxy S II is worth buying at the moment. It has all the qualities which you would expect from a reputable manufacturer like Nokia but instead I have found it in Samsung and not Nokia. It is a shame as I might be homing towards the Nokia E6 later.

In the mean time, the Samsung Galaxy S II is the mobile device for me. It has everything that a geek would want - flexibility in the Android 2.3.3; 8MP autofocus digital camera capable of shooting 1080p videos at 30fps; 4.3" super screen; a brilliant 1650mAh battery which last me more than 24 hours on a single charge which I would never be able to do so on the Nokia N8; usb on the go and so on.

However, there is something which I don't like about the Samsung Galaxy S II. I don't like the virtual QWERTY keyboard as it is not as accurate as the iOS... Perhaps Samsung software engineers would be able to release a fix. At this moment, the Anna OS from Nokia is just a hype as it has yet to materialise - Look at other manufacturers like HTC and Samsung - They are looking at quadcore cpu in the near future!!! Where is Nokia at this moment? It is rumoured that they are going to release their very first dualcore cpu mobile device. I hope that they will release the mobile device soon or else they will be left behind!

Nokia still has a thrump card - Their 12MP Carl Zeiss autofocus wide angle digital camera on the Nokia N8 is still the best in its class. I would just wish that Samsung will be able to emulate Nokia's success. Long live technology!!!

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