Saturday, 14 May 2011

Nokia N8 Revised...

I was not hoping for a reunion with the Nokia N8 due to the fact that PR1.1 was not really stable and the menu speed is showing sign of slowing down. However, it was PR1.2 which tempted me to get back to the Nokia N8 - To fall in love with it once again.

Basically the Nokia N8 with PR1.2 is not a big issue. The custom ROM which I am using at the moment is much faster than the PR1.1 but it would be PR2.0 that really make a difference. I don't really understand why Nokia is not releasing Anna!!! That is really sad though. Having said that, the Nokia N8;s raw power is nowhere to be compared to other 2011 smartphone devices (dual core cpu; 1GB RAM; Nvidia Tegra 2 gpu and so on). Most of all, the Nokia N8 lost out to the quick and efficient of the Apple's iOS (latest being iOS 4.3.1).

I do feel that Nokia is improving on the Symbian ^3 OS but they need to be improving much faster than before. I don't think it is wise for them to make use of other OS at the moment or put a stop to Meego as both Intel and Nokia have put lots of manpower in developing the OS. I am currently having fun with the N900 on Maemo 5 but the N8 still have one bug - battery would drain quite fast. I think that has something to do with the 1200mAh battery on the N8 and it has nothing to do with the software. However, I beg to differ. I think Nokia should work on the path of optimising battery life and smoothness of the Symbian ^3 OS.

Not all are lost though. Even if Nokia has not release the Anna OS, developers have created apps to tweak the Symbian ^3 OS on the Nokia N8 and I am having fun with it. However, I would sincerely hope that Nokia will release Anna soon enough. Well, the camera lens on the N8 is unbeatable - much better than all Sony Ericsson mobile phones at the moment, not even the Sony Ericsson Arc can match the mighty N8's camera lens. Only the Samsung Galaxy S II's camera lens might be able to be on par with the N8's lens but I doubt it.

With the N9 on the horizon, I hope that Nokia will NOT make the same mistake as the N8 - install a bigger capacity battery on the N9!!!

16 May 2011 - I have managed to install an app to modify the N8 from I have to say that the N8 is running much faster as compared to before! I will be testing the video recording facility tomorrow. It looks promising!

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