Sunday, 15 May 2011

False Economy

Whenever Apple release a new product, it will definitely be a hit and it will be short of supply. As a consumer, you will be wondering the reason why. Well, after doing a research, it is not surprising to see the reason behind it.

Let's start by introducing the brand itself. Apple has maintained a good reputation with its products. They managed to release a product which is for the nitch and technology savvy. You would be able to witness yourself - From Ipods to Ipads - They are in short supply. Where are the goods? You would not understand 10 million Ipads flying off the shelves in a matter of days, don't you agree?

What if you can't get an Apple product in the store? Where are you going to get it then? Shop online is the key!

Most of the goods being purchased by individual companies or a group of companies would most probably end up selling online. This is true because as the Apple store is running out of stock, not all stocks have been purchased by consumers. There are many third parties who will be selling them for a quick buck online. If you notice, there are seller who are trying to sell a 16GB Ipad2 with wifi and 3G for £600!!! That is more than the £499 if you were to buy from Apple! That is pretty bad though.

I do agree that Apple is a reputable brand and the OS on their devices is stable. However, they and the rest of the consumers fall victim to some group of people who are trying to make a quick profit. If you are a consumer, be patient and buy it off from Apple or from Phones4u or via Carphonewarehouse but never from online who sells it at a mark up price.

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