Thursday, 19 May 2011

Perfect Mobile Device

It has been said that technology will always be on the move and there is nothing to stop it from improving. I have to agree with the statement. If you could recall ten years ago, nobody would have thought about using computers fitted with quad core cpu or even dual core gpu! Well, it has since moved on. Similarly, it goes the same to mobile device too. It all started off with Motorola's chunky mobile phone and then Nokia took over with their 'Matrix' style mobile phone. Not long after that, we had a fierce battle between Motorola and Nokia. Nokia seems to have won the race until Apple came along which changed the whole scenario.

These day, we are talking about dual core cpu on a mobile phone e.g. LG Optimus 2X, Samsung Galaxy S II and the Motorola Atrix. These dual core mobile phones are equipped with up-to-date gpu to speed up games and play demanding 1080p video files. The only question remain - which is the best?

Let's start off with Motorola. Ever since the mobile arm was separated from its parent company, they are moving towards the positive direction. They enjoy good mobile phone sales throughout the world and nothing is going to stop them from progressing. I believe that it is time for them to release better mobile phones to compete with other manufacturers like HTC and Apple. Recently they have released the Motorola Atrix which will allow customers to attach the mobile phone to a netbook. Users will be able to access their Atrix using the Motorola dock station. I like it! However, the attached software is nowhere flexible as you are chained by Google. Besides Atrix, one worthy mobile phone to mention is the Motorola Defy. It is a rugged mobile phone but lacked proper software to run the mobile phone so it is not so perfect then. I would give it a pass for Motorola unless you are well verse with Google.

Moving on to HTC. The company is making lots of profit lately as they have been releasing lots of new mobile device by the month! This is just fantastic! However, it is not all bed of roses as their mobile phones are marred by tiny speakers and bad battery life, not to mention the Android OS which is bound by Google. I'll give it a pass even though their first dual core cpu mobile phone will be release very soon.

What about Samsung then? Samsung is a good brand but their proprietary OS e.g Bada needs more fine tuning. To be fair, they have good hardware but short of good software to run it. In the end, you would have to give up apart from having the Samsung Galaxy S II! The beast is worth while using it as it is fast and furious and it does not break your hand (it is light). It has everything you need and it runs on the latest Android OS. Wonderful! Apart from Samsung Galaxy S II, I don't think there is a worthy mobile phone unless you are talking about the Samsung Wave II.

What about Vodafone then? Hum... I will give it a pass. ZTE? Well, I would try ZTE Blade or the Orange San Francisco as a back up mobile phone. It is cheap and cheerful at £99 on Pay as you go.

Nokia? Well, they have a fantastic PC Suite and free Ovi maps of the world; fantastic hardware especially on the Nokia N8 with 12MP digital camera but they have not release any mobile device with dual core cpu!!! What is going on with Nokia? Moreover, their Symbian ^3 OS should have an update to "Anna" a.k.a. PR 2.0 but it has yet to materialise via a Nokia updater. Shame on you Nokia!

Last but not least, we have Apple. It comes as no surprise as the Apple Iphone 4 is the benchmark of all mobile phones. This is because the iOS is stable and fast! It is only an disappointment on their restrictive file system and the not-so-good 5MP camera where it is nowhere near the quality of the Nokia N8. Kudos to the Apple team for releasing a good product every time!

Well, will there be a perfect mobile phone? I don't think so...

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