Thursday, 2 June 2011

2011 Will be an Interesting Year for the Mobile Industry

From my point of view, 2011 will be a year of quadcore firepower on high end mobile devices in the market. As we progress through dualcore cpu + gpu this year, next year will see that most of the high end mobile devices will be better spec.. In doing so, it will definitely speed up on the time of waiting and it will definitely add value to a consumer's experience.

What does it mean for companies? When we are talking big about quadcore cpu + gpu, it would mean that companies would have to release in big quantities of a multicore cpu + gpu to speed on up processing time. Besides that, I could imagine watching 1080p videoes will be easier.

At this very moment, the best dualcore mobile device that we could buy is the Samsung Galaxy S II. I am sure that there will be better mobiel devices out there but this is the best money can buy at the moment. I have read on the internet that the company is going to release the Galaxy S III next year. It might include quadcore cpu + gpu and NFC hardwired onto the mobile device!

While quadcore cpu + gpu is good progress, we must not forget about the software developers. There is no point of having a blazing good hardware but it does not have good software support! One good example will be the OS itself. Android OS is quite advanced in the sense that it is a multicore platform. We need more software developers to utilise the many cores of the mobile device. Otherwise it would be a waste of space!

Apart from that, it is important to have good battery power. What I am trying to point out is that it is important for manufactures to release a mobile device which could at least allow the battery to last for a single day under heavy usage. This would mean having thinner but better capacity battery. I do hope that Nokia will be able to install their famous 1500mAh battery onto each and every high end phones as it will definitely help in reducing the number charging cycles. I was really disappointed with their Nokia N8 as it was only equipped with a 1200mAh battery! It was suppost to last around 400 hours on standby (on 3G) but to me, it only last for around three days!!! Eventually I had to abandon the N8 after the PR 1.2 kept on crashing expecially after taking a few pictures and the need to recharge the phone twice a day under light usage.

I am using a Samsung Galaxy S II at the moment. I do have Skype running at the background all the time 24/7 on 3G and a single charge would last me for at least a day. I do not need to bring my charger along whever I go, so much better than the times where I had the Nokia N8. Without a shadow of a doubt, the N8's camera lens is still superior to many, including the Samsung Galaxy S II. I think Samsung needs to improve on the camera software.

In the end, good luck to them! As for consumers, we will have more choice next year! We will see watching closely with the launch of Windows 8 for tablets next year...

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